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Some of the World's Most Innovative Office Designs

We have put together a list of some of what we think are the coolest workplaces and office designs in the world. If you are looking for inspiration while redesigning your office be sure to check these out. They are awe inspiring, inventive, creative, weird, wacky and downright outrageous!

  • Pixar

    Pixar You wouldn't expect anything less from Pixar, where better to come up with imaginative and creative animation ideas than individually decorated garden sheds! Employees choose the style and feel of their workspace, personalizing it to their own needs. We are sure this beats grey cubicles hands down.
  • Red Bull - London Headquarters

    Red Bull - London Headquarters
    Red Bull have designed an out of this world office environment, with a giant slide to take you from one floor to another, ping pong table meeting rooms, stunning lounge room and floating staircases. You certainly couldn't complain of being bored at work.
  • Google - London Office

    Google - London Office Google's London offices are incredibly bright, innovative and dynamic. Featuring exciting open plan office spaces mixed with comfortable meeting and break out areas and Brighton style beach huts.
  • PONS and HUOT - Paris

    PONS and HUOT - Paris The PONS and HUOT office is a breathtaking mixture of old and new, converted from a dilapidated 19th century industrial hall. With glass roof, trees growing through the wooden desks and Plexiglas bubbles to ensure telephone privacy.
  • Mindlab Offices - Copenhagen

    Mindlab Offices - Copenhagen This is surprisingly a government building, featuring a giant egg shaped meeting room in which all the walls and even the ceiling are whiteboards.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these innovative styles of offices and creative use of office space as much as we did.