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Keeping Your Office Clean and Lean

It may seem superficial, but even the most creative, energetic and hard-working people will lose the confidence of those around them if they can't find an item on their desk. Your workspace does far more that act as a place to work. It represents the quality of your work. By extension, it also represents the employers and clients for whom you do business.

In the competition to get and keep clients every detail counts. The appearance of your office space may be the very first impression that a client has and may also be one with the most impact. A tidy office gives the impression that you are professional and organised.

As a business partner, clients want to feel secure that your image will not negatively affect theirs. If they see that your office is unkempt, it raises the concern that you don't care about your work, or may even bring mess or disorganisation into their workplace. That small initial doubt can quite likely be enough to encourage a client to find another provider before they even find out how good your work can be.

Keeping a tidy workspace takes some time and effort to get started, but once you get organised it's easy to stay organised. Follow these simple steps to find yourself in a clean and lean workspace in no time at all.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter not only looks untidy, it's also a time waster. How often have you had to search through a pile of paperwork to find the one document that you need? File paperwork the moment you're done with it. Better yet, scan the paper and save the image. That way you can shred the paper and never have to sorry about storage.

Keep the Cleaning Supplies Handy

Keep a bottle of cleaning spray and some paper towels near your workspace. Once a day, spray down your desk and any other surfaces that are frequently touched. This will eliminate the dust and grime that can build up and make a whole office look dingy. By keeping supplies nearby, it's easy to do some quick cleaning while on a phone call, waiting for something or when you just feel like you need a break from your computer screen.

Designate a Cleaning Person

Common areas like lunch rooms and reception areas tend to get messy quickly. These are also the areas where mess can affect a large number of people and bring down office morale and productivity. It's not uncommon for workers to spend precious meeting time debating over which person is responsible for lunchroom messes. A few dirty dishes or scattered newspapers quickly add up to an unsightly mess. You may want to designate a junior worker to assist in keeping things clean. That person can walk through the common areas and tidy up before things get out of hand. Another common solution is to make a schedule and have workers take turns unloading the office dishwasher and wiping down counters. Whatever your method, it's important that common areas are kept clean. This not only prevents dissent among workers, but also gives visitors the impression that things are running harmoniously.

Think About Feng Shui

Feng Shui practitioners like to position furnishings around entryways and corridors in ways that encourage "positive energy" to flow through. You don't have to believe in the teachings of Feng Shui to benefit from the philosophy. Having an office with wide corridors between furniture and clear pathways from one work area to another will allow you to feel like it's easier to move from one task to another. It also gives the appearance of a cleaner, more professional office.

Make sure that there is ample space to open drawers without blocking a path. Evaluate your office with a critical eye. Every desk should have a clear and easy path to every other desk, every door, and every office machine or tool. If people have to walk around things they are wasting energy and working inefficiently. Cleaning up these areas will go a long way towards making your office run smoothly.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Every workplace needs cleaning that goes beyond simply picking up after yourself. Floors need to be vacuumed and windows need to be washed or pretty soon the workplace looks filthy.

Your company might have the best team of widget makers in the country. That doesn't mean that they will be any good at keeping the office clean. Nor should their excellent widget-making skills be put on the back burner while they do the housekeeping. A professional cleaning service will have workers who are experts in keeping your office sparkling. Hire a service that will do the cleaning after hours and stay out of the way when your workers are busy.