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Designing Your Office

Designing your office is a very important aspect for any business, it needs to be suitable for your business needs and promote productivity within the company. As your workforce will be spending their 9 to 5 day at their desks or in meetings, setting up your office needs to be carefully planned to get the most of the space you have. Utilizing each square foot of office space will increase efficiency.

The type of work your company does is an important factor in deciding on what style of office design to use along with which kind of fixtures and fittings you will need. How many desks, phone lines, furnishings and types of technological equipment will need to be assessed. You don't want to decorate and furnish your entire office only to find that you then you need to pull up all the carpets to add more cables.

The number of employees that will be sharing the office along with how many clients you expect will be visiting at any one time needs to be taken into account. How large a meeting room will you need, do you require audio visual equipment? It won't look very professional to your clients if you have to cram in a load of extra chairs every time you have a meeting.

While you do need to utilize your office space, you still need to ensure that there is adequate room for work flow. Will you still be able to move around the office safely and without bumping into desks and chairs?

Lighting is an important aspect of office design, keeping windows clear to allow natural light in is preferable. You will need to fit lamps and light fittings that give adequate light and encourage productivity. Working in a dark and dingy room is certainly not good for office morale.

Designing your office and choosing a style that fits in with your company image is very important. If you are a creative production company then something contemporary and cutting edge may be suitable, however if you are a finance or legal firm then a professional and corporate style may be more in keeping with the impression you want to impart to prospective clients.

Desks and office chairs should be ergonomic and the correct height for each employee. As they will be spending at least forty hours a week in the office they need to be comfortable. Investing in a pleasant working environment is important to employee happiness and will make your business more profitable.

Mission Workplace can help with your office fit out and space design needs. Based in the Midlands they provide office space planning and design services throughout the UK.