George Town Interiors

Designer Office Furniture

Tired of boring office furniture? Take a look at these innovative designer office furnishings which are sure to inspire you and brighten up your work day.

  • The Conference Table Bike

    The Conference Table Bike Looking for a new way to chair a meeting? The Conference Table Bike offers a portable way to host meetings, and you certainly won't have to worry about anyone getting bored or drifting off. A quick trip to the park on this bike offers an innovative way to keep employees on the ball.
  • The Treadmill Workstation

    The Treadmill Workstation
    The Treadmill Workstation was designed by Dr. James Levine and combines a treadmill with a computer, keyboard and desk attached. The perfect way to stay fit while in the workplace.
  • Neothrone

    Neothrone Nethrone have designed a range of innovative office workstations, which look like something from a science fiction film but these ergonomic designs were actually developed in conjunction with a chiropractor and orthopedist.
  • The Bookinist

    The Bookinist Is it a chair? Is it a bookshelf? It is in fact both, this innovative piece of office furniture, designed by Nils Holger Moorman, can hold up to 80 books and also features a comfortable seat. Add to this the fact that it's on wheels, has an inbuilt lamp and concealed drawer perfect for reading glasses, stationary and notebook and you have one very interesting piece of designer office furniture.
  • The Stokke Garden

    The Stokke Garden This may look like a new kind of tree coupled with a football stand, but it's actually a comfortable seat that allows you to choose from a number of positions.

These inspirational designer furnishings should help you to utilize your office space and add a bit of colour to your workplace.